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Protein Drinks Online In UAE

Are protein drinks good for your health?

Some protein drinks have little added sugar, while others have a lot. Some are prepared in single-tone milk, while others might have 1200 calories in a single glass. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly research the protein drinks available online so that you can save yourselves from the unhealthy spike in blood sugar and weight gain. At Being Builder, we have some balanced protein drinks; you can consider them for use.

Is it ok to drink a protein drink every single day?

Yes, it is safe to consume protein drinks every day. However, you make sure you are not solely dependent on it; you need to obtain most of your protein from food sources. The absence of food sources might cause you deficiency of valuable nutrients that are important for supporting your workout recovery and performance.

What is an ideal time to consume a protein drink?

Fitness enthusiasts recommend taking a protein supplement at least 15-60 minutes after the workout. This particular time frame is renowned as an anabolic window and considers the ideal time for getting the most out of nutrients.

Is it ok to drink a protein shake without a workout?

If you are consuming protein shakes on your rest day or on the day when you are doing less workout, then you should not be worried about the side effects. But if you drink high protein shake not to supplement the requirement of protein when working out, you will gain too much weight.

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